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Reflect Refract

Wth Videos by: Muu Blanco, D Briceño+J Pizzani, Ivan Candeo, Valeria Cordero, Juan Pablo Echeverri, Richard Garet, Maria Laet, Olga Lamas, Suwon Lee, Florencia Levy, Federico Ovalles, Eduardo Padilha, Lucía Pizzani, Carolina Siefken

The city as a theme becomes more evident in the works of Pilita Garcia. The bricolaged buildings that populate her collages are a direct reference to informal economies and unplanned urbanisation common to most Latin American cities. These self-contained cityscapes seem to point at the growing process of privatisation of public spaces over the past decades, which increasingly creates new borders within the urban fabric.

Pilita Garcia: MissInformation, 2008


Curated by Lucía Pizzani
Text by Kiki Mazzucchelli

9th - 30th October 2008
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